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Forex Mega Droid has been creating a great deal of buzz in the Forex trading world and for good reason. The results this robot is getting are nothing short of spectacular. When I last checked the online trade by trade results this robot was getting it was already over 478% in profit since the beginning of 2009!

Forex Megadroid

Of course, as with any new program some traders have found the installation process a bit bumpy and it seems that the support team of Forex Mega Droid weren't prepared for the mass of calls and questions they received and so the support wasn't the best it could have been.

But now that the initial excitement has died down we can appreciate the achievement in the actual development of ForexMegaDroid and review the results carefully.

Forex Mega Droid Review - How does it work?

The real breakthrough is the Artificial Intelligence capabilities which allow the Mega Droid to react and adapt to changing market conditions. There's no overestimating the importance of this element since it is likely to change the world of automatic Forex trading. Future robots will work with similar capabilities, or at least attempt to.

As to the MegaDroid itself, there's little doubt that the results are highly impressive and speak for themselves:

Since 2004 it has made over 330% profit each and every year, with some years surpassing 600%. As this was all done through automatic trading, this predicts increased profits for the traders who use it first.

Will the fact that many traders are using this robot make it perform less well in the future? This is always a concern but you need to remember 2 things:

1. The Forex market is huge with many traders so there's a lot of money to be made from them, since most will not be using this particular tool.

2. So far, despite the excitement, not too many people have begun trading with Forex Mega Droid.

Final note: despite the impressive results of the MegaDroid, make sure to test it yourself for 3-6 weeks. This is to make sure you've installed it correctly and to make sure you are satisfied with it.

Forex Megadroid review